Axer is a family business with an extensive history in manufacturing tools for the machine contracting industry.



Decades of Experience


It all began with Severi Ala-Katara, who was employed at a company that produced forest harvesters under a license. When the employer company went under, Mr. Ala-Katara founded his own to carry on the work. During this time he learned much about the needs of the clientele and what they truly needed from their tools.


A Robust Idea – Born from the Needs of the Client


While running the business, Severi Ala-Katara was also designing a product of his own. It was a tree shear that would be everything his clients needed: superior in design, usability and materials. There was never enough time, however, to bring the idea to life.


When the depression of the 2000s caused orders to dwindle, the idea was dug up again for implementation. At the time of its launch, the Axer tree shear was a pioneer of the industry in Finland. It also became an international success immediately after it was trademarked, which speaks to its quality.


Axer: From Finland to Europe


The journey to today has brought steady growth, new resellers and new products – all designed and manufactured with the superior quality the very first Axer tree shear has become known for.


Today, Axer succesfully operates in 19 countries. Research and development, manufacturing and customer experience are now shouldered by two generations of Ala-Kataras, as Severi's son Joni has joined the company. Although its products are distributed far and wide, at its core Axer is a family business with the values of a family business: flexibility, cooperation and the aim to serve with products whose superior quality can withstand even the most intense use.